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Do you really know what money is?

Most people in the world don’t understand or know what money really is and how it works.

“Educate yourself. No one is looking out for you like you will look out for yourself.” – Anthony Pompliano

Thank you for taking a step into greater understanding how the money and the world around you works! Please, educate yourself, your family, friends and everybody!

In here I have done all the hard work for you finding this content for you to read to educate yourself! Do yourself a favor and read them with thought. I’ll add stuff, so check back regularly and share with friends, family and every one.

The Changing Value of Money – Article on LinkedIn by Ray Dalio

Snippet: While people tend to think that a currency is pretty much a permanent thing and believe that “cash” is the safe asset to hold, that’s not true because all currencies devalue or die and when they do cash and bonds (which are promises to receive currency) are devalued or wiped out.  That is because printing a lot of currency and devaluing debt is the most expedient way of reducing or wiping out debt burdens.

The Changing World Order Chapter 2: Money, Credit, Debt and Economic Activity – Article on LinkedIn by Ray Dalio

Snippet: The US Federal Reserve allowed the creation of a lot more claims on gold (i.e., dollar-denominated money and credit) than could actually be converted into gold at that $35 price. As the paper money was turned in for the hard money (gold),the quantity of gold in the US bank went down at the same time as the claims on it continued to rise.  As a result, the Bretton Woods monetary system broke down on August 15, 1971 when President Nixon, like President Roosevelt on March 5, 1933, defaulted on the US’s promise to allow holders of paper dollars to turn them in for gold.  Thus the dollar devalued against gold and other currencies.  That is when the US and all countries went to a Type 3 fiat monetary system.

Bitcoin as protest – Article on Medium by Luc Dossis

Snippet: Bankers are in the pockets of government, ensuring there are no regulations on their next round of market manipulation that will inevitably lead to a financial crash.

And all the while, you’re just trying to keep your head above water, trying to afford the price of everyday goods that keep on rising due to inflation.

Inflation that is caused by the Federal Reserve printing mountains of cash at your expense.

Inflation that is destroying your hard-earned savings in an insidious attempt to prop up all this unsustainable and crooked behaviour.

Why the Global Banking System Is a Scam – Article on Rick’s Picks originally by their forum user “Buster”

Snippet: Now things got interesting. Since not enough currency is in existence to cover all the debt owed to the lender, then the assets, real things or “real wealth,” are now owed to the lenders. The problem with this is that if the lenders acted upon this fact the populations of the developed world would quickly realise that they are all in fact broke, as all property would get consumed by the Banksters as repayment, leading no doubt to a world-wide revolt against the secret overlords of this system. So, instead of this, things have been manoeuvred to allow a more gradual slow “boiling of the frog,” or austerity programs coupled with placing ex-Goldman Sachs employees into key government positions across the western world.

Deflation Will Give Way To Hyperinflation, And An Investment Dilemma – Article on Seeking Alpha by Zoltan Ban

Snippet: We should keep in mind that printing money does not actually create wealth, therefore an inevitable imbalance in supply and demand will occur, which will most likely become a worldwide phenomenon. At that point, the velocity of money will reverse its decades-old course of slowing, and initially, it will seem like we will be headed back to an environment of economic health. The feeling will be very brief and we will soon realize that it is the start of another crisis.

Wealth Is What You Don’t Spend – Article on Collaborative Fund by Morgan Housel

Snippet: To generalize only a little: In the 1950s camping was an acceptable vacation. Hand-me-downs were acceptable clothes. A 983 square foot house was an acceptable size. Kids sharing a room was an acceptable arrangement. A tire swing was acceptable entertainment. Few of those things are acceptable baselines for most households today. The average new home now has more bathrooms than occupants.

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