Do you really know what money is?

Most people in the world don’t understand or know what money really is and how it works.

“Educate yourself. No one is looking out for you like you will look out for yourself.” – Anthony Pompliano


Thank you for taking a step into greater understanding how the money and the world around you works! Please, educate yourself, your family, friends and everybody!

Fact 1: The “Federal Reserve” is not a government institution but a private central bank owned by a handful of major banks and bond dealers. As such, it is a cartel owned, controlled, and essentially for-profit driven, not by the people of the United States but, instead, by the banking industry’s ruling elite. This oligarchic setup generates the most costly, debt-based, money system and greatest conflicts of interest in the history of the world. It is a system clearly at odds with the intent of the founders of the United States of America.

Fact 2:

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